AI + coach to simplify customer requirements to become SBTi, CDP, EcoVadis & B-Corp Compliant

Get sustainability right and achieve SBTi and B-Corp certification with a coach + AI Assistant that automates your sustainability work, saving your small & mid-sized business resources so you can focus on your business and grow revenue.

Leading organisations have put their trust in Qonstrue

The problem

Existing solutions fail to guide resource strained SMBs

DIY Approach

You're trying to do it yourself, but it takes too long to understand & you risk getting it wrong

Bring in a Consultant

You've tried to hire a consultant, but realise it’s hard to find a good one, they’re overpriced and only support one-off projects

Hire a new employee

You've tried to recruit for the role, but learned it’s hard & expensive to find the right talent as well as often not aligning with your current business objectives.

Available Pathways

1-to-1 coaching to match your sustainability goal

Align to a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Set a Science Based Target (SBTi)

Achieve or maintain B Corp Certification

Complete the EcoVadis Assessment

Why our approach is different


AI-driven matching with a coach

Each business selects their ideal coach from our global pool of certified sustainability coaches, matched based on their industry expertise and their experience working with companies like yours


AI Copilot will measure where you are today & set goals

Undertake an automated assessment of your maturity. Select your standard or certification and receive AI recommendations and an action plan to work through with your coach to reach your goal


Coaching sessions at your pace

Join coaching sessions easily via our digital platform, and work through the initiatives, library of resources and AI based tools to achieve B-corp, SBTI, CDP, EcoVadis, or Sedex.

Inside Look: An SMBs Journey to B Corp

"The people we met all the way through the B Corp process have been incredibly supportive, encouraging & personable, which for me has been the absolute highlight & really important for a small business like Shakeup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sue & Delma, who made it super easy to continue on track & drive that momentum towards certification. Qonstrue clearly have a fantastic culture, & you can see how that really comes out with how you work with each other as well as your clients!"

Amelia Fuggle

Shakeup Cosmetics

Frequently asked questions

How does sustainability contribute to business growth?

Sustainability growth helps small-medium businesses win customers, tenders and consumer trust. 90% of procurement professionals agree that sustainability is a key consideration when it comes to purchasing decisions.

How does Qonstrue differ vs traditional solutions like consultancy?

Traditional solutions like consultancy are cost-prohibitive, project-based and don't enable SMEs to embed sustainability long-term. Qonstrue provides SMEs with a new way to achieve their sustainability goals, by delivering monthly 1-to-1 expert coaching and a platform with all the tools you need.

How much does it cost?

Qonstrue is free for small-medium businesses to get started. You can then decide whether you want to pay for a premium plan, including expert 1-to-1 coaching or sign up for the free forever plus plan.

How is confidentiality protected?

All customers are bound by the Qonstrue confidentiality agreement.

How is information kept secure?

The platform is hosted on Google Cloud and designed as a multi-tenanted application requiring Open ID Connect authentication and oAuth2 based authorisation to gain access to their data. All data is stored as encrypted at rest.

What does Net-Zero mean?

Put simply, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. A business reaches Net Zero when the amount it adds is no more than the amount taken away.