Navigate through the EcoVadis assessment, let us do the heavy lifting for you

We understand the challenges SMEs face when it comes to achieving EcoVadis, our solution enables access to your own EcoVadis coach & platform to navigate you through every step of the EcoVadis journey. We'll help you understand the assessment criteria, identify areas for improvement, & implement an action plan. Book a free 30-minute coaching session to learn more about EcoVadis, the journey to get there along with an action plan with initiatives to start today.

Leading SMBs have put their trust in Qonstrue

What we do

We provide you with your own CDP coach & platform, which gives you the confidence to use the framework to respond to sustainability pressures & solve Net-Zero.

Recommended next step - Book a Free EcoVadis Preliminary Assessment

What does this mean?

  • Pre-assessment Gap Analysis, we conduct a preliminary assessment that identifies areas where you might fall short
  • Your coach can provide you with a clear understanding of EcoVadis criteria, the entire journey along with the best practices for achieving a good rating.
  • Coaches can work with you to develop customised action plans with clear steps and milestones to guide their progress towards a strong EcoVadis score.

The problem

Existing methods & approaches create major anxiety, often draining resources

DIY Approach

You're trying to do it yourself, but it takes too long to understand & you risk getting it wrong

Bring in a Consultant

You've tried to hire a consultant, but realise it’s hard to find a good one, they’re overpriced and only support one-off projects

Hire a new employee

You've tried to recruit for the role, but learned it’s hard & expensive to find the right talent as well as often not aligning with your current business objectives.

The route to EcoVadis with Qonstrue


Complete the EcoaVadis Preliminary Assessment

By completing this assessment, we’re able to identify the areas of EcoVadis you may be able to prioritise to achieve a strong rating. Based on your track, you may be further to EcoVadis than you think.


Defined journey & 1-to-1 coaching to achieve EcoVadis

Once your assessment is complete, we can execute the action plan to begin deploying initiatives & policies to begin making progress towards aligning to EcoVadis. This provides confidence you can achieve the certification


Complete the EcoVadis questionnaire

Your coach will work with you to disclose your information, completing the EcoVadis questionnaire relevant to your industry & focus areas. We provide an action plan to navigate through the questionnaire with 1-to-1 coaching.


Embracing EcoVadis & using it as a framework to tackle further sustainability goals

It’s not about ‘ticking a box’, we help you become a B Corp embracing sustainability at the business core & can work with you to achieve your next goal.

Amelia Fuggle, Shakeup Cosmetics

"The people we met all the way through the B Corp process have been incredibly supportive, encouraging & personable, which for me has been the absolute highlight & really important for a small business like Shakeup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sue & Delma, who made it super easy to continue on track & drive that momentum towards certification. Qonstrue clearly have a fantastic culture, & you can see how that really comes out with how you work with each other as well as your clients!"

Frequently asked questions

What is EcoVadis?

Ecovadis is a top platform assessing a company's sustainability. It offers a rating system examining environmental impact, labor standards, ethical practices, and supply chain sustainability. It helps companies benchmark against competitors, identify improvements, and showcase sustainability commitment. Participation is voluntary, however, many find it beneficial for understanding their sustainability performance and achieving their social responsibility goals.

Is EcoVadis challenging?

Overall, the difficulty lies in preparedness. With proactive sustainability practices and readily available documentation, EcoVadis becomes a verification and benchmarking tool. Without prior focus on sustainability, it can be a more demanding process of data collection and familiarisation.

Why should I do EcoVadis?

EcoVadis offers a valuable opportunity to assess, improve, and communicate your company's sustainability efforts. It can benefit your internal operations, enhance your brand reputation, and open doors to new business opportunities.

How does Qonstrue differ vs traditional solutions like consultancy?

Traditional solutions like consultancy are cost-prohibitive, project-based and don't enable SMEs to embed sustainability long-term. Qonstrue provides SMEs with a new way to achieve their sustainability goals, by delivering monthly 1-to-1 expert coaching and a platform with all the tools you need.

How much does it cost?

Qonstrue is free for small-medium businesses to get started. You can then decide whether you want to pay for a premium plan, including expert 1-to-1 coaching or sign up for the free forever plus plan.