Validate your Net-Zero target with SBTi & get it right with 1-to-1 coaching.

We help SMBs leverage the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) to create or accelerate a Net-Zero target to ensure they're avoiding greenwashing anxiety & responding to customer requests.
Book a free 30-minute coaching session to learn more about SBTi, the journey to get there along with an action plan with initiatives to start today.

Fast-growing SMBs have committed to SBTi through Qonstrue

What we do

We provide you with your own SBTi coach & platform, which gives you the confidence to use the framework to respond to sustainability pressures & solve Net-Zero.

Recommended next step - Book a free maturity assessment

What does this mean?

  • Based on your track, we can estimate carbon hotspots by identifying areas of risk
  • Our coach can provide a free action plan to begin making progress from day one
  • Access the platform to receive tailored guides & policies to kick-start your journey

The problem

Current SBTi methodology bleeds resources & creates greenwashing anxiety

DIY Approach

You're trying to do it yourself, but it takes too long to understand & you risk getting it wrong

Bring in a Consultant

You've tried to hire a consultant, but realise it’s hard to find a good one, they’re overpriced and only support one-off projects

Hire a new employee

You've tried to recruit for the role, but learned it’s hard & expensive to find the right talent as well as often not aligning with your current business objectives.

The route to Net-Zero/SBTi with Qonstrue


Complete the Maturity Assessment

Our free maturity assessment can identify your carbon hotspots based on your track. SBTi is a framework we deploy from day one to ensure your Net-Zero target is compliant.


Defined journey & 1-to-1 coaching to achieve Net-Zero/SBTi

Once your assessment is complete, we can execute the action plan to begin deploying initiatives & policies to begin making progress towards setting an SBTi commitment letter. This can be used to show stakeholders your validated journey to Net-Zero


Sign the SBTi commitment letter

Your coach works with you towards engaging with the SBTi commitment letter, Qonstrue works with you to ensure your SBT gets validated by making progress towards Net-Zero.


Embracing SBTi & using it as a framework to tackle further sustainability goals

It’s not about ‘ticking a box’, we help you embrace sustainability at the business core & can work with you to achieve your next goal.

Amelia Fuggle, Shakeup Cosmetics

"The people we met all the way through the B Corp process have been incredibly supportive, encouraging & personable, which for me has been the absolute highlight & really important for a small business like Shakeup. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sue & Delma, who made it super easy to continue on track & drive that momentum towards certification. Qonstrue clearly have a fantastic culture, & you can see how that really comes out with how you work with each other as well as your clients!"

Frequently asked questions

What is SBTi?

SBTi stands for the Science Based Targets initiative. It's a collaborative organisation that helps companies set emission reduction targets aligned with climate science and the goals of the Paris Agreement. SBTi plays a crucial role in helping businesses transition to a low-carbon future. By setting science-based targets, companies can contribute to combating climate change while also gaining a competitive edge in a sustainability-focused marketplace.

How do I commit to SBTi?

1. Eligibility Check:

  • SBTi primarily focuses on large, multinational companies. They prioritise companies with significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to maximise impact.
  • Check the SBTi website ( for their eligibility criteria.

2. Commitment Submission:

  • If eligible, you can commit your company to setting science-based targets through the SBTi website.
  • This involves submitting a letter of commitment. The standard letter expresses your company's intent to develop emission reduction targets aligned with the SBTi criteria.
What does Net-Zero mean?

Put simply, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. A business reaches Net Zero when the amount it adds is no more than the amount taken away.

How does Qonstrue differ vs traditional solutions like consultancy?

Traditional solutions like consultancy are cost-prohibitive, project-based and don't enable SMEs to embed sustainability long-term. Qonstrue provides SMEs with a new way to achieve their sustainability goals, by delivering monthly 1-to-1 expert coaching and a platform with all the tools you need.

How much does it cost?

Qonstrue is free for small-medium businesses to get started. You can then decide whether you want to pay for a premium plan, including expert 1-to-1 coaching or sign up for the free forever plus plan.