Get suppliers to SBTi, by helping them get it right.

With 1-to-1 human coaching + software + AI, we help your suppliers achieve SBTi/Net Zero and whilst gaining visibility of your scope 3.

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What we do

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  • Based on suppliers' track, we can estimate their carbon hotspots by identifying areas of risk
  • Our coach can provide a free action plan to each supplier to ensure they begin making progress from day one
  • Access the platform to gain visibility & overview of each supplier

The problem

When small & medium size companies try to embed sustainability for the first time, they have no idea HOW to do it


LMS, supplier engagement, and collaboration tools do not work.


Consultants will help with strategy but will not support suppliers with execution, fundamentally not enabling them to make progress that matches your requirements.


Suppliers feel they do not gain enough value when attending generic sustainability workshops you provide. Therefore they fail to move the needle or don't feel compelled to attend going forward.

Suppliers Route to SBTi with Qonstrue


Give Suppliers 2 Coaching Sessions

Once we’ve assigned a coach to each of your suppliers, we run through a maturity assessment to begin identifying their hotspots from day one to understand their carbon footprint.


Defined journey & 1-to-1 coaching to achieve SBTi

Once your assessment is complete, we can execute the action plan to begin deploying initiatives & policies to begin making progress towards setting an SBTi commitment letter. This can be used to show stakeholders your validated journey to Net-Zero.


Suppliers sign the SBTi commitment letter

Your coach works with you towards engaging with the SBTi commitment letter, Qonstrue works with you to ensure your SBT gets validated by making progress towards Net-Zero.


Gain complete visibility of each supplier to monitor progress

It’s not about suppliers ‘ticking a box’, we help them embrace sustainability at their business core & can work with suppliers to achieve your next goal.

Hear it for yourself

Testimonials from our users

Jackie Smith, CPO


"We are getting really good feedback on how Valence is helping us scale because we don't need a team coach with every single team. It's enabling us to empower our people leaders"

Frequently asked questions

How does sustainability contribute to business growth?

Sustainability growth helps small-medium businesses win customers, tenders and consumer trust. 90% of procurement professionals agree that sustainability is a key consideration when it comes to purchasing decisions.

How does Qonstrue differ vs traditional solutions like consultancy?

Traditional solutions like consultancy are cost-prohibitive, project-based and don't enable SMEs to embed sustainability long-term. Qonstrue provides SMEs with a new way to achieve their sustainability goals, by delivering monthly 1-to-1 expert coaching and a platform with all the tools you need.

How much does it cost?

Qonstrue is free for small-medium businesses to get started. You can then decide whether you want to pay for a premium plan, including expert 1-to-1 coaching or sign up for the free forever plus plan.

How is confidentiality protected?

All customers are bound by the Qonstrue confidentiality agreement.

How is information kept secure?

The platform is hosted on Google Cloud and designed as a multi-tenanted application requiring Open ID Connect authentication and oAuth2 based authorisation to gain access to their data. All data is stored as encrypted at rest.

What does Net-Zero mean?

Put simply, Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. A business reaches Net Zero when the amount it adds is no more than the amount taken away.